Born in the middle of the afternoon
In a horse-drawn carriage on the old A5
The big twelve wheeler shook my bed
You can't stay here the po1iceman said
You'd better get born in someplace else
                      Chorus -
                            Move along! Get along! Move along! Get along! Go! Move! Shift !

Born in the common by a building site
where the ground was rutted by the trail of wheels
The local Christians said to me .
 You'II lower the price of property

 Born at potato picking time
 In an old bow tent by a tatty field
 The farmer said the work's all done
 It's time that you was moving on

 Born at the back of a hawthorn hedge
 Where the black hoar frost lay on the ground
 No Eastern kings came bearing gifts
 Instead the order came to shift

 The Eastern sky was full of stars
 and one shone brighter than the rest
 The wise came so stern and strict
 And brought the order to evict

 Wagon,tent or trailer born
 Last month,last year or on far off days
 Born here or a thousand oiles away
 There's always men nearby who say

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