Auf dieser Seite ist eine (hoffentlich zu über 80% vollständige) Liste der bisher schon gehörten Titel zu finden. Wo immer es mir gelungen ist, einen Songtext dazu im Internet zu finden, ist dieser als Hyperlink hinterlegt. Leider sind einige der Seiten von Werbung durchdrungen :-( aber zumindest sind viele Texte für den privaten Gebrauch so zu finden - aber bitte jeweils auf die Copyright-Hinweise achten! 

Ich hatte ja schon vor dem Zusammenstellen dieser Liste Respekt vor Gedächtnis und Vielseitigkeit der Josies ...Irre Liste!!!

Und wer noch Ergänzungen hat - bitte an den webmaster senden - besten Dank im Voraus

All The Miles
2All The Ways  You Wander
3A Maid Going To Comber
4Among Friends
5Another Day To Live And Die
6As I Roved Out
7Ashokan Farewell
8A Whiter Shade of Pale
9Back Home in Derry
10Bad Bad Leroy Brown
11Bad Moon Rising
12Before The Deluge
13Black Is The Color
14Black Velvet Band
15Bogey's Bonnie Belle
16Both Sides The Tweed
17Brian Mc Neill's Jig
Brothers In Arms
18Bundle And Go (Jig)
21City of Chicago
22City of New Orleans
23Clothes Of Sand
24Come Tomorrow
25Cooley's New Mix
26Cooley's Reel
27Country Roads
28Cousin Jack
Crawling Back To You
29Crooked Jack
30Crow On A Cradle
31Dear Sir (The Sick Note)
32Der Bärentanz (Instr.)
33Diamontina drover
34Dirty Old Town
35Done With Bonaparte
36Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen
37El Salvador
39Every River
40Fantasia On British Sea Songs: Jack's The Lad (Hornpipe)
41Farewell to Nova Scotia
42Fiddlers Green
43Fields Of Gold
45Foggy Dew
46Follow me up to Carlow
Folsom Prisom Blues
47Ghostriders In The Sky
49Go!Move!Shift! (The Moving On Song)
50Go To Sea No More
52Health To The Company
53Hearts of Olden Glory
54Hey Sandy
55High Germany
58Ich und ein Faß voller Wein
59I'll Tell Me Ma
60I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
61I'm Leaving On A Jetplane
62Inissheer (Instr.)
63I Shall Be Released
64Jingle Bells
65Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya
66Johnny Jump Up
67John Riley
Josies Lament (Instr.)
69Kilkelly, Ireland
70King Of The Fairies (Instr.)
71Knockin' On Heavens Door
72Laß mich Dein Badewasser schlürfen
73Leavin' On My Mind
74Let it be
75Let The Four Winds Blow
76Little Star
77Little Wing
78Lord Of The Dance (Instr.)
79Major Tom  Völlig losgelöst...
80Mary (Nancy) Spain
81Mermaid (Original: The Boatman - Mary Dillon..)
82Merrily Kissed The Quaker (Jig)
83Molly Malone
85My Heart Is Pounding Like A Hammer
86Nellie Kane
87Oh! Champs Élysées
88One Last Cold Kiss
89One Thing
90Only Our Rivers
91Opladi Oplada
92Ordinary Man
93Out Here On My Own
94Over The Moor To Maggie
95Paddys Lamentation
96Pastures Of Plenty
97Pippi Langstrumpf
99Ready For The Storm
100Red Is The Rose
101Reduce Speed Now
102Ride On
103River Lady
104Robin's Favourite (Instr.)
105Rollin On
106Rollin River
107Sally Gardens
108Santa Maria
109Schockschwere Not
110Sgariunt Na Gcompanagh (The Parting Of Friend)
111Sí Bhéag Sí Mhór (Instr.)
112Sixteen Fishermen raving
113So Do I (This Is The Day The fisherman Likes)
114Soldier's Song (Good night, Darling..)
115Somewhere Over The Rainbow
116Son of a Sailor
117Song For Ireland
118Sonny`'s Dream
119Spancil Hill
120Stairway To Heaven
121St. Patrick Was A Gentleman
122The 3:10 to Yuma
The Aragon Mill
123The Auld Triangle
124The Ballad of St.Anne's Real
125The Bantry Girl's Lament
126The Blantyre Explosion
127The Blue Jig And The Green Jig
128The Cliffs Of Doneen
129The Dragonfly (Instr.)
130The Evesdropper
131The Garden
132The High Road
133The Homes of Donegal
134The Jolly Beggarman
135The Ksh Jig
136The Lakes of Pontchartrain
137The Leaving Of Liverpool
138The Lowlands of Holland
139The Monaghan Jig
140The Newry Highwayman
141The Oak Pick Waltz
142The Parting Of Friends (The Parting Song)
143The Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes
144The Road To Athy (Jig)
145The Silver Dagger
146The Star Of Munster (Instr.)
147The Star Of The County Down
148The Teetotaller's Reel
149The Templehouse Reel 
150The Thrill Is Gone
151The Touch Of Your Hand
152The Town I Loved So Well
153The Wild Rover
154The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Instr.)
155This Is The Life
156Three Pigs Are Dancing (Instr.)
157Time In A Bottle
158To Live Is To Fly
159Trippin' Up The Stairs  (Jig)
Uley Mill Song
160West Coast Of Clare
161Whiskey In The Jar
162White Wheeled Limousine
163Wish You Were Here
164You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
165You'll never leave Harlan alive